is credit card slamming legal

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Consumer advocates slam credit-card arbitration / The Christian ...
Jul 16, 2007 . Consumer advocates slam credit-card arbitration . A 2004 survey published by Law & Contemporary Problems found that mandatory .

Telephone slamming - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Telephone slamming is an illegal telecommunications practice, in which a subscriber's . "merchant account slamming" or "credit card processing slamming " where a . The practice of slamming is illegal in Australia, and number of regulatory .

Top 5 Scams For 1998
Slamming highlighted in the National Fraud Information Center's Top 5 scams . First, the response to last month's issue about credit card fraud for merchants has . Notify local law enforcement and consumer protection authorities by writing a .

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    • This Mother Of An Anti-Trust Lawsuit Could Slam Bank Of America ...
      Jan 12, 2012 . Basically, the retailers say the banks and the credit card companies colluded to . One thing's pretty clear though, banks could get slammed hard. . to pass the cost of fees to credit card to customers.. the law prohibits this so in .

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