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Uniform Commercial Code - Article 4
U.C.C. - ARTICLE 4 - BANK DEPOSITS AND COLLECTIONS . The term does not include a payment order governed by Article 4A or a credit or debit card slip; .

Uniform Commercial Code Corporations Frequently Asked ...
May I purchase UCC Filing Images? What are the basic UCC fees? Does the Uniform Commercial Code Division accept payment by credit card? Do I have to .

Credit Card Authorization
Uniform Commercial Code Unit. Credit Card Authorization. The Department of State's Uniform Commercial Code Unit accepts MasterCard, Visa and American .

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    • - As a UCC Online credit card user, how do I become a billing ...
      Uniform Commercial Code (UCC). As a UCC Online credit card user, how do I become a billing account holder? Answer: If you frequently file or search UCC .,4670,7-127-14635-88201--F,00.html

      Credit Card Payment Voucher -
      Credit Card Payment Voucher. The Credit Card Payment Voucher is in a "fillable" format in Adobe Acrobat (.PDF). You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to use it.

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    • Frequently Asked Questions on the U.C.C. (Uniform Commercial Code ...
      Jan 2, 2010 . All commerce is regulated by the UCC and supersedes any local, state or . Credit card educational program: $2700 (bank UCC included) .

      UCC Certified Search
      UCC Certified Searches can be purchased for $12.00 on the Details Record Page with Credit Card or a Subscriber Account. Instructions for Utah UCC Searches .

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