is health insurance required by law

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Obama Signs Health Care Bill Into Law as Republicans Challenge ...
Mar 23, 2010 . President Obama today to sign the historic health care bill into law as . Americans would be required to have health insurance or pay a fine, .

IRS lacks clout to enforce mandatory health insurance - USATODAY ...
Apr 28, 2010 . Under the law, Americans who can afford health insurance but refuse to . which has required residents to have health insurance since 2006, .

Health Insurance Overview - FindLaw - Small Business Law - FindLaw
Most employers are not required by law to offer health-related benefits to their employees, although the practice of providing health-related benefits is fairly .

  1. Taxes Paid When Employing a Nanny

    Child Tax Credit or Dependent Care Account

    • Will everyone have to buy health insurance? What happens if they ...
      Starting in 2014, most people will be required to have health insurance or pay a penalty if they don't. Coverage may include employer-provided insurance, coverage someone . Summary of Coverage Provisions in the Health Reform Law .

      Mandatory health insurance now law's central villain
      Dec 15, 2010 . With a court ruling in Virginia this week that the government cannot require Americans to buy health insurance, President Obama has landed in .

    Employee Benefits

    • Employee Benefits
      Vacation, holidays, sick leave, medical, dental and vision coverage, and retirement benefits are not required by law. If such benefits are offered, the employer .

      Is Mandatory Health Insurance Constitutional? - Taking Liberties ...
      Sep 21, 2009 . He adds that while the Supreme Court is likely to uphold mandatory health insurance, "such a law would be unconstitutional under the correct .

    Avoiding Taxes

    • Insurance Coverage for Contraception State Laws
      Provides a 50 state summary of insurance coverage requirements for . The law defines health care to include family planning, counselling, referrals, or any .

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