is health insurance worth it

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Is health insurance worth it?
Jun 4, 2009 . I am of the opinion that health insurance isn't worth it. I posted a comment with an interesting discussion that followed here. The one guy .

Is health insurance in the US worth it? - Yahoo! Answers
Yes, save your $430 per month. In a year you will have saved up $5160 dollars. The average cost for four days in the hospital is $17734. If you are in .

Is Health Insurance Worth It? - Personal Finance Whiz
Is Health Insurance Worth It? Posted February 3rd, 2012 in Insurance by Jeremy Waller. Is Health Insurance Worth It? Health insurance is one of the most .

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    • Health Insurance: Worth It or Gamble?
      Health Insurance: Worth It or Gamble? Unlike in Canada and parts of Europe where the bulk of health care costs are put on a government tab, most able- bodied, .

      Is Low-Cost Health Insurance Worth It? - BusinessWeek
      Aug 4, 2008 . Premiums look low, but you give up a lot of expensive medical coverage—that is, you transfer the risk from the insurer to yourself.

    Child Tax Credit or Dependent Care Account

    • High Deductible Health Insurance: Worth It?
      Oct 29, 2009 . One of the ways that you can save money on your health insurance premiums is to get high deductible health insurance. In this case, you pay .

      Is Health Insurance Worth It? | Short Term Health Insurance
      Some wonder if health insurance is worth it. Should they spend their money on something that could not really be a huge risk to them? Or is their money better .

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