is marital debt alimony

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Bankruptcy and Divorce - Molleur Law Office - Southern Maine ...
Sep 3, 2004 . Alimony and support versus division of marital debt. The Bankruptcy Code makes a distinction between how alimony and support is addressed .

The Journal of the DuPage County Bar Association
Although these marriages don't survive, the joint marital debts owed to creditors . A spouse who is entitled to alimony but wants to limit bankruptcy related risks, .

Alimony - Alimony Obligation
If the court orders a spouse to pay a large portion o the marital debts, it often reduces the amount of alimony that the spouse is ordered to pay. Professional .

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    • Overview of Divorce in Florida
      Division of Marital Assets and Marital Debts . Alimony or spousal support is awarded primarily based upon one party's need and the other's ability to pay.

      alimony | Nashville Attorney Lawrence Ballew
      Apr 16, 2012 . A brief description of alimony and it's history in Tennessee. . Written on October 26, 2011 by Lawrence in Divorce, Marital debt, Property .

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    • Divorce and Debt
      Like property, debt is classified as marital or separate. In general, both . Tip: Alimony and child support can't be discharged in bankruptcy. Therefore, in the .

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