is mortgage audit letter a scam

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is Mortgage Audit Notice scam?
Discussion about is Mortgage Audit Notice scam?. Speak your mind . got this letter in the mail today that offers to audit my current mortgage.

Mortgage audit letters are more hype than savings
Feb 20, 2012 . Mortgage audit letters claim they can save you thousands, but the BBB . SCAM ALERT | Before you start tackling the lawn work around your .

Warning about homeowner scams -, VA ...
Nov 12, 2010 . This time they're mailing out two new letters hoping you take the bait. One is a deed retrieval service; the other is a mortgage audit notice.

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    • Mortgage audit letters flood mailboxes
      Oct 19, 2011 . Jeff Stevens recently received a letter from the "Mortgage Auditing Program, a division of . These letters are not illegal, nor is the offer a scam.

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      I've actually heard about mortgage audits, and with GMAC ripping people off, it seems . The FTC warns about loan audit scams and gives some good advice here . I just received a letter from this outfit today saying we should call for an audit .

      Forensic Mortgage Loan Audit Scams: A New Twist on Foreclosure ...
      Mar 31, 2011 . Forensic Mortgage Loan Audit Scams: A New Twist on Foreclosure Rescue Fraud. Fraudulent foreclosure “rescue” professionals use half-truths .

    Avoiding Taxes

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      Advanced fee frauds are rampant and exploding in the post-mortgage fraud crisis . This is . The letter is now from Mortgage Auditing Program Division of AMT.

      Report Spam Calls and Texts - Mr. Number
      *****Warning***** Scam artists - do not give any information to these crooks. . My letter didn't have a p.o. box, but the heading says "Mortgage Auditing .

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