is mortgage insurance premiums tax deductible

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Publication 936 (2011), Home Mortgage Interest Deduction
It includes discussions on points, mortgage insurance premiums, and how to report deductible interest on your tax return. Generally, home mortgage interest is .

Premiums for Mortgage Insurance May Be Deductible
Oct 11, 2011 . Question 1: I bought my main home in 2008 using a mortgage and I pay monthly premiums for mortgage insurance. Can I deduct these .,,id=202593,00.html

Mortgage Insurance Premiums - Itemized Tax Deduction for ...
Mortgage insurance premiums may be tax deductible. To qualify, the insurance policy must be for home acquisition debt on a first or second home. This itemized .

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    • Federal tax deduction for mortgage insurance premiums expires ...
      Jan 15, 2012 . Reporting from Washington — Though its demise drew little attention because of the partisan year-end brawl over the payroll tax cut extension .

      Deducting private mortgage insurance payments
      Mar 7, 2008 . taxes. Deducting private mortgage insurance payments. By Kay Bell . in 2007 can, for the first time, claim a tax deduction on PMI premiums.

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    Avoiding Taxes

    • Deductible []
      Q: How did mortgage insurance premiums become tax deductible? A: The Tax Code was revised to allow a federal income tax deduction for mortgage insurance .

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