is my mortgage loan assumable

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Are Mortgage Assumptions a Good Deal? - Mortgage Professor
Assuming a home seller's existing mortgage can be attractive when the rate . FHA and VA loans remain assumable, but the buyer must be approved by the lender or the agency. . I wouldn't do it, even if I were selling the house to my mother.

What is an assumable mortgage?
Jan 20, 2006 . An assumable mortgage can hold the seller liable for the loan itself even . Should I pay my mortgage with my credit card to earn credit card .

Assumable Mortgage - Definition of Assumable Mortgage - Loan ...
. mortgage. An assumable mortgage may be taken over by another person… . Free Banking / Loans Newsletter! Sign Up . My mortgage is not assumable.

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    • FAQ - Assumable Mortgages: National Real Estate Debt Relief for ...
      How do I assume a mortgage? What about my home Equity? What is House Swapping? How much does this cost? Is my conventional loan assumable? How do .

      How to Assume a Mortgage |
      Assuming a mortgage (taking over someone else's mortgage) is an . they won't even give me an end of year statement because the loan is not in my name. . Buyers who obtain an assumable loan simply assume the mortgage of the person.

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    • Are Mortgages Assumable ... (loan, fixed rates, interest rate ...
      Jan 11, 2009 . I have a mortgage with Chase and i was told by a title person that i should be able to get chase to give my mortgage to another bank to save on .

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    • You Can Assume That Non-Assumable Mortgage Loan
      Jan 10, 2007 . Nearly every non-FHA/VA mortgage includes the infamous paragraph seventeen, also known as the "Due on Sale" clause. The wording of this .

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